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Radio Diffusion are two hard working craftsmen from the middle of nowhere in Austria, but they’re working also in Vienna, doing radio shows at FM4. They met each other at a farm somewhere in deep Austria and teamed up jamming with vintage and handmade instruments. In fact, they are Sebastian Badics and Hans Staudinger, both live musicians, DJs and producers of various club sound projects.
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BHVL, [Compost Germany]
„BHVL“  is a smart, catchy, warm radio house hit, already on heavy rotation on FM4 and other stations.


House Lessons#2 free download


Radio Diffusion in the Mix, FM4 Swound Sound


Silent Power, (pre-listening)


LUVCAST 009: Radio Diffusion


Elevator, [Compost Germany]


We forgot the name of the title?! (unmastered)


The Disappeared (premastered)


On A Salty Planet, Hans Staudinger, [hztkk007]


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